English Words and Expressions by Category: Common Phrases. Page 10

I've got a full-time job
I've got a part-time job
I've got a very weak signal
I've got too much work to do
I've heard Rome is a beautiful place
I've missed you
I've never seen that before
I've only just arrived
I've seen it
If only it were true
If you don't mind
If you like it I can buy more
If you need my help, please let me know
If you want
If you'd like to meet up sometime, let me know
In my opinion
In other words
In short
Is anyone else coming?
Is anything wrong?
Is everything OK?
Is it close?
Is it cold outside?
Is it convenient to talk at the moment?
Is it far from here?
Is it far?
Is it going to rain today?
Is it hot?
Is it near?
Is it possible?
Is it raining?
Is it ready?
Is Mr. Smith an American?
Is that enough?
Is that OK?
Is that the point?
Is the bank far?
Is the car a manual or automatic?
Is the food gluten-free?
Is the food kosher?
Is there a dress code for the office?
Is there a movie theater nearby?
Is there a nightclub in town?
Is there a pay phone close by?
Is there a restaurant in the hotel?
Is there a store near here?
Is there a student discount?
Is there air conditioning in the room?
Is there alcohol in this drink?
Is there any mail for me?
Is there anything cheaper?
Is there Wi-Fi in the room?
Is this chair taken?
Is this pen yours?
Is this your first time here?
Is your wife here?
Isn't it?
It can wait
it comes
It depends on the weather
It didn't work out
It doesn't make any difference
It doesn't make sense
It doesn't prove a thing
It has a light breeze today
It hurts
It hurts here
It is a good idea
It is a lie
It is already midnight
It is below the standard
It is cloudy today
It is not true to facts
It is raining outside
It is terrible
It is unfair
It is urgent
It is worth trying
It is your fault
It must be right
It rained hard today
It seems to me
It serves you right
It stands to reason
It was a failure
It was a pleasure talking to you
It was a success
It was nice seeing you
It will arrive shortly
It's a bad line
It's a gorgeous day
It's a pleasure to deal with you
It's a pleasure to talk to you
It's been good talking to you
It's been nice talking to you
It's better than I expected
It's cold
It's coming soon
It's delicious
It's excellent