English Words and Expressions by Category: Common Phrases. Page 13

She's pretty
Should I wait?
Show him around the city
Shut up
So am I
So I'm
Sorry for the delay
Sorry I'm late
Sorry to bother you
Sorry to hear that
Sorry to keep you waiting
Sorry we're late
Sorry, I can't make it
Sorry, I didn't hear clearly
Sorry, I didn't hear you
Sorry, I ran out of credit
Sorry, I think I have the wrong number
Sorry, I'm busy
Sorry, we don't have any
Sorry, you must have the wrong number
Sorry, you're not my type
Sounds good
Sounds great
Sounds like a plan
Speak to me in English, please
Stop it
straight answer
Take care
Take them with you
Take this medicine
Take your time
Tell me
Thank you
Thank you for calling
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Thank you very much
Thank you, I'll be glad to
Thanks a lot for your nice party
Thanks for a lovely evening
Thanks for asking
Thanks for calling
Thanks for coming
Thanks for everything
Thanks for your help
Thanks, I had a great evening
That car is similar to my car
That depends
That is a beautiful shirt
That is not exactly what I mean
That is quite a different thing
That is the way things are
That is the way to do it
That looks disgusting
That looks great
That makes all the difference
That means friend
That restaurant is not expensive
That smells bad
That smells good
that sort of stuff
that sort of thing
That sounds like fun
That way
That will be all
That's a good effort
That's a great idea
That's all there is to it
That's alright
That's an idea
That's enough
That's fine
That's funny
That's interesting
That's it
That's life
That's not a bad idea
That's not fair
That's not right
That's not true
That's OK
That's right
That's the last thing I expected
That's too bad
That's too expensive
That's too many
That's too much
That's true
That's wrong
The accident happened at the intersection
The area code is 123
The book is under the table
The books are expensive
The cake is homemade
The country code for the U.S. is +1