English Words and Expressions by Category: Common Phrases. Page 8

I'd like to go to the supermarket
I'd like to have my car washed
I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Smith
I'd like to make a phone call
I'd like to make a reservation
I'd like to rent a car
I'd like to send a fax
I'd like to send an email
I'd like to send this to Russia
I'd like to speak to Mr. Smith, please
I'd love to
I'd recommend it
I'll be back in 10 minutes
I'll be right back
I'll be right with you
I'll be there in five minutes
I'll be there in ten minutes
I'll call back later
I'll call you
I'll call you later
I'll call you next week
I'll call you on Friday
I'll call you tomorrow
I'll call you when I leave
I'll come back later
I'll give you a call
I'll have a cup of coffee please
I'll have a cup of tea please
I'll have a glass of water please
I'll have the same thing
I'll meet you there
I'll pay
I'll pay for dinner
I'll pay for lunch
I'll pay for the dinner
I'll pay for the tickets
I'll see you at ten o'clock at the cinema
I'll see you at ten o'clock in the pub
I'll send you a text
I'll show you your room
I'll take it
I'll take you to the bus stop
I'll teach you
I'll tell him you called
I'll text you later
I'll try
I'm 25 years old
I'm a beginner
I'm a member of a gym
I'm a teacher
I'm about to run out of credit
I'm addicted to you
I'm afraid
I'm afraid I already have plans
I'm afraid I have to cancel my reservation for today
I'm afraid I must be going now
I'm afraid so
I'm afraid you're wrong
I'm allergic to cats
I'm allergic to nuts
I'm allergic to seafood
I'm also very glad to see you
I'm an expert
I'm bisexual
I'm bored
I'm cleaning my room
I'm cold
I'm coming right now
I'm coming soon
I'm coming to pick you up
I'm coming to that
I'm crazy about you
I'm disappointed
I'm exhausted
I'm fine
I'm fine, and you?
I'm from America
I'm full
I'm gay
I'm getting ready to go out
I'm glad to hear that
I'm glad to meet you
I'm glad to see you
I'm glad you like it
I'm going home in three days
I'm going on vacation tomorrow
I'm going to bed
I'm going to leave
I'm going to the library
I'm going to the restaurant
I'm going to the supermarket
I'm good
I'm good, and you?
I'm happy
I'm here on a business trip
I'm here on business
I'm hungry
I'm in a bad mood
I'm in a good mood
I'm in a meeting