English Words and Expressions by Category: Common Phrases. Page 9

I'm in love
I'm in love with you
I'm infatuated with you
I'm just kidding
I'm just looking
I'm just looking around
I'm leaving tomorrow
I'm like to buy something
I'm like to go for a walk
I'm like to go home
I'm like to go out this evening
I'm like to go shopping
I'm like to go somewhere
I'm looking for the closest public restroom
I'm looking for the nearest ATM
I'm looking for the post office
I'm looking forward to it
I'm lost
I'm married
I'm not afraid
I'm not busy
I'm not married
I'm not ready yet
I'm not sure
I'm not sure of it
I'm OK
I'm on business
I'm on holiday
I'm on vacation
I'm out of gas
I'm pleased to meet you
I'm quite sure
I'm ready
I'm really nervous
I'm really sorry
I'm retired
I'm running a little late
I'm self-employed
I'm sick
I'm sick and tired of it
I'm single
I'm so sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry, he's in a meeting
I'm sorry, he's not available at the moment
I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name
I'm sorry, I'm not interested
I'm speechless
I'm staying in tonight
I'm straight
I'm sure
I'm sure of it
I'm thinking of you
I'm thirsty
I'm tired
I'm too tired
I'm totally into you
I'm traveling with my family
I'm very busy
I'm very busy at the moment
I'm very impressed
I'm worried
I'm yours
I've already seen it
I've always loved you
I've been here for two days
I've been there
I've been thinking about you
I've been waiting for you
I've been watching you
I've got a full-time job
I've got a part-time job
I've got a very weak signal
I've got too much work to do
I've heard Rome is a beautiful place
I've missed you
I've never seen that before
I've only just arrived
I've seen it
If only it were true
If you like it I can buy more
If you need my help, please let me know
If you'd like to meet up sometime, let me know
In my opinion
In other words
In short
Is anyone else coming?
Is anything wrong?
Is everything OK?
Is it close?
Is it cold outside?
Is it convenient to talk at the moment?
Is it far from here?
Is it far?
Is it going to rain today?
Is it hot?
Is it near?
Is it possible?
Is it raining?
Is it ready?