20 new languages and language families

Dear IDL users and language enthusiasts,

Our latest update that went out into the world a few weeks ago contained a couple of new opportunities for you to work with words and languages on our platform.

Firstly, we added 20 new languages to the English version of our website, including:

African: Amharic, Shona, Xhosa, Kinyarwanda

European: Corsican, Frisian, Luxembourgish, Scots Gaelic, Tatar

Asian: Kyrgyz, Pashto, Punjabi, Sindhi, Odia, Turkmen, Uyghur

Austronesian: Hawaiian, Samoan, Sundanese

Middle Eastern: Kurdish (Jumanji)

We have uploaded translations for these languages, though we do need your help in order to improve them. If you know both English and one of the above languages on a native or advanced level, you can create a Professional account to edit the data and improve any translation that you want.

Sometimes, our users don’t want to upgrade their Basic accounts to Professional ones; they might think that doing so would cost them something or bring some complications. And so, it’s worth mentioning that all of our accounts are free of charge! The Professional accounts are just a way to interact more deeply with our database so you can contribute and share your knowledge with other people who are learning languages, or even just looking for a few words to complete their homework or select a name for a character in a new story.

Secondly, since there are more than 100 languages in the system now, we have decided that this is the right moment to introduce a new language-sorting option – by language family. We regularly got this request from our users.

Like the alphabetical sorting option, this new mode is available to our registered users. Both Basic and Professional accounts can do this. However, one additional point to consider is that the sorting feature becomes available when you have at least 10 languages added to your list. Otherwise, there are just a few languages and you don’t need to sort them.

Right now, we’re working on a major new version which introduces Expert-level accounts; these will be for the most powerful users who work with the dictionary. This next version will transform interacting with our content into an even more fun and engrossing process that will be a pleasure to participate in.

Our team wishes you all the best for the coming holidays and hopes you have a healthy and lucky 2021.

The IDL Team