IDL – who we are, or IDL, is an online translation platform that shows you how to say words and phrases in more than 100 different languages.

The tool has English, Spanish, Russian, French, and German versions. For each of these versions, there are tens of thousands of words and sentences translated into more than 100 other languages.

This website is operated by its creator, Igor Katsev, an individual who has always loved countries, cultures, people, and languages. He is supported in this project by a small team of software developers and designers.

Our goal is to help people with:
– Communicating more easily and getting rid of linguistic divides;
– Learning languages and seeing their similarities and differences;
– Finding a needed translation quickly using a handy tool;
– Millions of other cases where a foreign word is needed – whether it’s for naming, writing, homework, or simply for fun.

We build a multi-user and multi-language platform that lets people use all of its data free of charge and take part in its development – by adding new words, recording pronunciations, editing translations, and rating data to ensure its top quality.

On our About Us page, you will find a bit more details about our mission, vision and core values.

If you support our ideas and love people and languages, feel free to join our community and contribute to its evolution.

Best regards,
The IDL Team

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Hello and welcome to our In Different Languages a.k.a. IDL blog!

We’ve updated the IDL platform to introduce Sign Up and Login features. Now you can use your Facebook account to log in, or create a separate IDL account if you wish.

There are over 100 languages in our project, but you don’t necessarily need them all. As a member, you can select the languages you want to work with and use advanced sorting and filtering capabilities.

For our registered users, we also remove ads to provide faster IDL loading times and a cleaner look and atmosphere for the website.

This is the first in a series of changes that we’re preparing in order to transform IDL into a multi-user and multi-language environment that brings speakers of different languages closer to one another.

We aim to become a community of language lovers and enthusiasts where people can not only learn a hundred of different languages in an entertaining and accessible way, but also participate in a socially important project and take part in the community’s evolution.

Stay tuned!