English Words and Expressions by Category: Travelling and Accommodation. Page 4

We arrived at the airport yesterday evening
We have a flat tire
We have to pass through customs first
We will be staying for two nights
Welcome to the United States
What gate will the flight depart from?
What is the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the euro?
What time are they arriving?
What time are you going to the bus station?
What time do you think you'll arrive?
What time is check in?
What time is check out?
What type of fuel does the car take?
What's the charge per night?
What's the exchange rate for dollars?
What's the room rate?
When are you leaving?
When are you moving?
When did she arrive in Chicago?
When do we arrive?
When do we leave?
When does he arrive?
When does it arrive?
When does the bus leave?
When is the next bus to Chicago?
Where are the arrivals?
Where are the international departures?
Where can I buy tickets?
Where can I exchange U.S. dollars?
Where can I get a rental car?
Where is passport control?
Where is the airport?
Where is the baggage claim area?
Where is the closest gas station?
Where is the first-aid kit in this car?
Where is the spare tire?
Who's driving tonight?
Would it be possible to change the date of the booking?
You can't have more than 100 ml of liquid in your carry-on luggage
You got upgraded to first class
Your taxi's here