English Words and Expressions by Category: Common Phrases. Page 12

One ticket to Washington, please
One way or round trip?
Only joking
Our car ran out of gas
Our children are in Italy
Our flight is delayed
Our flight is on time
Our flight leaves tomorrow morning
Our most sincere condolences
Outside the hotel
Over here
Over there
Pardon me
Please accept our apologies
Please accept our sincerest apologies
Please be quiet
Please call back later
Please call me
Please come visit
Please fill out this form
Please help me
Please prepare my steak medium
Please prepare my steak rare
Please prepare my steak well-done
Please say that again
Please sign here
Please sit down
Please speak English
Please speak more slowly
Please speak slower
Please take me home
Please take me to the airport
Please take me to the Grand Hotel
Please take me to the hotel
Please take me to this address
Please take off your shoes
Please take your seat
Please take your shoes off
Please wait, I will transfer you
Please write it down
Pleased to meet you
Pleasure to meet you
Pull yourself together
Put on your shirt
Same here
Say cheese
say goodbye
Say hello to
Say hello to the kids
Say it again
Say it again, please
say sorry
See you
See you around
See you in a couple of minutes
See you later
See you soon
See you there
See you tomorrow
See you tonight
Shall we dance?
Shall we go somewhere else?
She's in the living room
She's not in right now
She's older than me
She's pretty
Should I wait?
Show him around the city
Shut up
So am I
So I'm
Sorry for the delay
Sorry I'm late
Sorry to bother you
Sorry to hear that
Sorry to keep you waiting
Sorry we're late
Sorry, I can't make it
Sorry, I didn't hear clearly
Sorry, I didn't hear you
Sorry, I ran out of credit
Sorry, I think I have the wrong number
Sorry, I'm busy
Sorry, we don't have any
Sorry, you must have the wrong number
Sorry, you're not my type
Sounds good
Sounds great
Sounds like a plan
Stop it
straight answer
Take care
Take them with you