English Words and Expressions by Category: Common Phrases. Page 10

It is terrible
It is unfair
It is urgent
It is worth trying
It is your fault
It must be right
It rained hard today
It seems to me
It serves you right
It stands to reason
It was a failure
It was a pleasure talking to you
It was a success
It was nice seeing you
It will arrive shortly
It's a bad line
It's a gorgeous day
It's a pleasure to deal with you
It's a pleasure to talk to you
It's been good talking to you
It's been nice talking to you
It's better than I expected
It's cold
It's coming soon
It's delicious
It's excellent
It's fantastic
It's far from here
It's going to be all right
It's going to be hot today
It's going to be raining
it's going to rain today
It's going to snow today
It's great
It's here
It's near the supermarket
It's north of here
It's not bad
It's not far from here
It's not supposed to rain today
It's not the end of the world
It's not too far
It's not very effective
It's not very expensive
It's OK
It's over there
It's raining
It's really hot
It's supposed to rain tomorrow
It's the best movie I've ever seen
It's there
It's too late
It's up to you
It's very annoying
It's very cold today
It's very hot today
It's very important
It's very kind of you to come
It's windy outside
It's your imagination
Just a little
Just a minute
Just a moment
just about
just cause
Just kidding
just now
Keep the change
Keep to the point
Keep up the good work
Keep up the great work
keep your balance
Keep your word
Kind regards
Leave me alone
Let it go
Let me check
Let me introduce
Let me introduce myself
Let me know
Let me know if you can make it
Let me show you around
Let me think about it
let someone know
Let's clear it up
Let's dance
Let's get a cart for our luggage
Let's go
Let's go have a look
Let's go to the concert
Let's go to the museum
Let's go to the restaurant
Let's grab a beer
Let's grab a coffee
Let's grab a drink
Let's have a look
Let's hope for the best
Let's keep in touch
Let's meet at eight o'clock