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What does د mean in English? If you want to learn د in English, you will find the translation here, along with other translations from Pashto to English. We hope this will help you in learning languages.
Here is د meaning in English:
trespassing Edit
circumvention Edit
foible Edit
by Edit
correspond Edit
of Edit
alcove Edit
scrambler Edit
scythe Edit
elide Edit
forsooth Edit
caveat Edit
goof Edit
perquisite Edit
egress Edit
elocution Edit
overdose Edit
daze Edit
pussy willow Edit
feel like Edit
ploughshare Edit
thimbleful Edit
bilberry Edit
formidable Edit
bloodcurdling Edit
bludgeon Edit
fledge Edit
gravestone Edit
screed Edit
blabbermouth Edit
brainwave Edit
addressed Edit
shall Edit
overemphasize Edit
bowsprit Edit
allegorically Edit
repossess Edit
tribunal Edit
palpitation Edit
ejaculation Edit
ovation Edit
sedentarization Edit
illusion Edit
woodcarving Edit
isthmus Edit
strum Edit
conspicuously Edit
unceasing Edit
bilious Edit
overexertion Edit
brusque Edit
fruition Edit
procuress Edit
emancipation Edit
peritoneal Edit
supremo Edit
amongst Edit
exacerbate Edit
scorcher Edit
interdisciplinary Edit
facsimile Edit
headmistress Edit
effete Edit
emanation Edit
epistolary Edit
certain Edit
according Edit
whereof Edit
abdication Edit
behalf Edit
con Edit
peremptory Edit
witticism Edit
blithe Edit
woodcutter Edit
premeditation Edit
pitfall Edit
incendiary Edit
sidelight Edit
anointed Edit
pushover Edit
babble Edit
epitomize Edit
menopause Edit
attired Edit
extol Edit
valediction Edit
clarinetist Edit
epithet Edit
commensurate Edit
debauchery Edit
insinuation Edit
fray Edit
oncology Edit
oscillate Edit
erosion Edit
go-between Edit
accompanist Edit
muster Edit
revisionist Edit
whitethroat Edit
benediction Edit
ruction Edit
his Edit
distinguishable Edit
billet Edit
epitome Edit
narcissus Edit
thesaurus Edit
foresight Edit
countercultural Edit
sedative Edit
abseil Edit
trapezoid Edit
laceration Edit
abolitionist Edit
pretension Edit
seeker Edit
oscillation Edit
overshadow Edit
marvel Edit
precipitated Edit
afoot Edit
bespeak Edit
sideshow Edit
sketchbook Edit
thematic analysis Edit
a number of Edit
honeymoon Edit
epicure Edit
rhesus Edit
woodpecker Edit
breaststroke Edit
suffix Edit
farce Edit
echoing Edit
peruse Edit
embalm Edit
breadcrumbs Edit
brusqueness Edit
undertone Edit
thespian Edit
hue Edit
ire Edit
its Edit
redress Edit
farrow Edit
cove Edit
breadcrumb Edit
breastbone Edit
accompaniment Edit
admirer Edit
eyepiece Edit
bristle Edit
furlough Edit
blether Edit
rapprochement Edit
great deal of Edit
errand Edit
gnatcatcher Edit
burlesque Edit
honorific Edit
woodpile Edit
cheekbone Edit
upper echelons Edit
dazzle Edit
precinct Edit
trousseau Edit
run the risk of Edit
perusal Edit
archdeacon Edit
adherent Edit
squabble Edit
suffocation Edit
adventitious Edit
vs Edit
bristling Edit
whoosh Edit
outlast Edit
lead to the conclusion Edit
peripheral Edit
dazed Edit
harness Edit
absolution Edit
brightest Edit
anaesthetist Edit
windshield Edit
woodshed Edit
archdiocesan Edit
overachiever Edit
brashness Edit
hoarfrost Edit
telecast Edit
theism Edit
thumbscrew Edit
reassuring Edit
among Edit
trespasser Edit
owing to Edit
gloss Edit
for the sake of Edit
apoplexy Edit
ditty Edit
allay Edit
minstrel Edit
anesthetist Edit
perpendicular Edit
wield Edit
bluster Edit
flashlight Edit
enfranchise Edit
licorice Edit
elation Edit
fudge Edit
offload Edit
somersault Edit
anesthesiologist Edit
woodwind Edit
belongings Edit
broomstick Edit
bellowing Edit
eloquence Edit
abstractedly Edit
bellyache Edit
their Edit
undertake research Edit
scoundrel Edit
denomination Edit
luminous Edit
dawdling Edit
Look at these words in all languages: trespassing, circumvention, foible, by, correspond, of, alcove, scrambler, scythe, elide, forsooth, caveat, goof, perquisite, egress, elocution, overdose, daze, pussy willow, feel like, ploughshare, thimbleful, bilberry, formidable, bloodcurdling, bludgeon, fledge, gravestone, screed, blabbermouth, brainwave, addressed, shall, overemphasize, bowsprit, allegorically, repossess, tribunal, palpitation, ejaculation, ovation, sedentarization, illusion, woodcarving, isthmus, strum, conspicuously, unceasing, bilious, overexertion, brusque, fruition, procuress, emancipation, peritoneal, supremo, amongst, exacerbate, scorcher, interdisciplinary, facsimile, headmistress, effete, emanation, epistolary, certain, according, whereof, abdication, behalf, con, peremptory, witticism, blithe, woodcutter, premeditation, pitfall, incendiary, sidelight, anointed, pushover, babble, epitomize, menopause, attired, extol, valediction, clarinetist, epithet, commensurate, debauchery, insinuation, fray, oncology, oscillate, erosion, go-between, accompanist, muster, revisionist, whitethroat, benediction, ruction, his, distinguishable, billet, epitome, narcissus, thesaurus, foresight, countercultural, sedative, abseil, trapezoid, laceration, abolitionist, pretension, seeker, oscillation, overshadow, marvel, precipitated, afoot, bespeak, sideshow, sketchbook, thematic analysis, a number of, honeymoon, epicure, rhesus, woodpecker, breaststroke, suffix, farce, echoing, peruse, embalm, breadcrumbs, brusqueness, undertone, thespian, hue, ire, its, redress, farrow, cove, breadcrumb, breastbone, accompaniment, admirer, eyepiece, bristle, furlough, blether, rapprochement, great deal of, errand, gnatcatcher, burlesque, honorific, woodpile, cheekbone, upper echelons, dazzle, precinct, trousseau, run the risk of, perusal, archdeacon, adherent, squabble, suffocation, adventitious, vs, bristling, whoosh, outlast, lead to the conclusion, peripheral, dazed, harness, absolution, brightest, anaesthetist, windshield, woodshed, archdiocesan, overachiever, brashness, hoarfrost, telecast, theism, thumbscrew, reassuring, among, trespasser, owing to, gloss, for the sake of, apoplexy, ditty, allay, minstrel, anesthetist, perpendicular, wield, bluster, flashlight, enfranchise, licorice, elation, fudge, offload, somersault, anesthesiologist, woodwind, belongings, broomstick, bellowing, eloquence, abstractedly, bellyache, their, undertake research, scoundrel, denomination, luminous, dawdling