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What does m mean in English? If you want to learn m in English, you will find the translation here, along with other translations from Hausa to English. We hope this will help you in learning languages.
Here is m meaning in English:
abstract Edit
acceptable Edit
accessible Edit
accurate Edit
admission Edit
advanced Edit
aggressive Edit
agricultural Edit
alike Edit
ambitious Edit
ancestor Edit
anonymous Edit
anxious Edit
approach Edit
architect Edit
armed Edit
articulate Edit
artistic Edit
attractive Edit
aware Edit
basically Edit
bitter Edit
blessing Edit
bold Edit
boring Edit
brilliant Edit
broad Edit
brutal Edit
capable Edit
careful Edit
carrier Edit
casual Edit
colorful Edit
comparable Edit
competitive Edit
comprehensive Edit
confident Edit
conscious Edit
consistent Edit
constant Edit
continuous Edit
cooperative Edit
costly Edit
creative Edit
critical Edit
cruel Edit
curious Edit
dangerous Edit
deadly Edit
delicate Edit
dense Edit
distant Edit
domestic Edit
eager Edit
eastern Edit
efficient Edit
elder Edit
elegant Edit
eligible Edit
employer Edit
endless Edit
engineer Edit
equivalent Edit
excited Edit
exciting Edit
exclusive Edit
exotic Edit
extensive Edit
extraordinary Edit
fascinating Edit
fatal Edit
favorable Edit
fierce Edit
firm Edit
flexible Edit
formal Edit
fragile Edit
frequent Edit
generous Edit
gentle Edit
gently Edit
grateful Edit
gray Edit
grey Edit
guilty Edit
horrible Edit
hurt Edit
identical Edit
ill Edit
impressive Edit
incredible Edit
independent Edit
influential Edit
innocent Edit
innovative Edit
insight Edit
intact Edit
intelligence Edit
intense Edit
intimate Edit
liberal Edit
likely Edit
lonely Edit
loud Edit
lower Edit
loyal Edit
massive Edit
merchant Edit
mild Edit
minimum Edit
missing Edit
musical Edit
mysterious Edit
nasty Edit
neat Edit
none Edit
odd Edit
offensive Edit
opposite Edit
outer Edit
painful Edit
partial Edit
peaceful Edit
perfect Edit
permanent Edit
photograph Edit
pink Edit
pleasant Edit
popular Edit
positive Edit
potential Edit
powerful Edit
practical Edit
precious Edit
producer Edit
productive Edit
progressive Edit
prompt Edit
prosecutor Edit
protective Edit
protector Edit
proud Edit
psychological Edit
publisher Edit
quiet Edit
radical Edit
rapid Edit
rational Edit
reasonable Edit
reliable Edit
reluctant Edit
remote Edit
ridiculous Edit
risky Edit
rough Edit
secret Edit
secure Edit
senior Edit
sensitive Edit
shallow Edit
shareholder Edit
shy Edit
slow Edit
smooth Edit
soft Edit
solid Edit
southern Edit
spectacular Edit
steep Edit
stiff Edit
strange Edit
strict Edit
subsequent Edit
superior Edit
suspicious Edit
symbolic Edit
technician Edit
technique Edit
tender Edit
terrible Edit
terrific Edit
thick Edit
tight Edit
tough Edit
uncomfortable Edit
unexpected Edit
unfair Edit
unhappy Edit
valuable Edit
variable Edit
violent Edit
vital Edit
vulnerable Edit
wealthy Edit
weird Edit
wide Edit
wise Edit
worried Edit
applicable Edit
beige Edit
cloudy Edit
compact Edit
enthusiastic Edit
foggy Edit
further Edit
improper Edit
interactive Edit
jobless Edit
mandatory Edit
oval Edit
tempting Edit
passive Edit
profitable Edit
unreliable Edit
stormy Edit
unremarkable Edit
terminal Edit
tranquilizer Edit
transparent Edit
unclear Edit
unstable Edit
unsuccessful Edit
grimly Edit
witless Edit
virulent Edit
windy Edit
worst Edit
absurd Edit
abusive Edit
accessory Edit
adjacent Edit
admirable Edit
advantageous Edit
aerial Edit
agreeable Edit
allied Edit
amusing Edit
anaesthetic Edit
annoying Edit
apologetic Edit
appalling Edit
appealing Edit
apprehensive Edit
ashamed Edit
autonomous Edit
avoidable Edit
awkward Edit
bald Edit
barefoot Edit
bearable Edit
believable Edit
beneficial Edit
betrayal Edit
bilingual Edit
bizarre Edit
blonde Edit
breathless Edit
broke Edit
candid Edit
careless Edit
cautious Edit
censor Edit
chaotic Edit
charming Edit
cleanliness Edit
commendable Edit
culpability Edit
competent Edit
complacent Edit
confusing Edit
contagious Edit
convenient Edit
corrupt Edit
courageous Edit
culprit Edit
recumbent Edit
deceptive Edit
defective Edit
degrading Edit
delightful Edit
demanding Edit
dependable Edit
detachable Edit
determined Edit
disappointing Edit
disastrous Edit
disgraceful Edit
disgusting Edit
dishonest Edit
dissatisfied Edit
doubtful Edit
embarrassing Edit
enjoyable Edit
envious Edit
exhausted Edit
exhausting Edit
explosive Edit
exporter Edit
fanatic Edit
favourable Edit
fearless Edit
feasible Edit
fertile Edit
filthy Edit
flap Edit
fond Edit
fortunate Edit
fragrant Edit
frank Edit
frosty Edit
gruesome Edit
handy Edit
harmless Edit
hazardous Edit
hazy Edit
helpless Edit
hollow Edit
homesick Edit
honourable Edit
hopeful Edit
hopeless Edit
humorous Edit
hurtful Edit
imaginative Edit
immaculate Edit
immaterial Edit
immature Edit
immortal Edit
impartial Edit
impassable Edit
impatient Edit
impersonal Edit
inaccessible Edit
inaccurate Edit
inactive Edit
incapable Edit
inclusive Edit
incompatible Edit
incompetent Edit
incomprehensible Edit
inconvenient Edit
indecent Edit
ineffective Edit
inexpensive Edit
informative Edit
ingenious Edit
insecure Edit
insensitive Edit
insistent Edit
insulting Edit
intensive Edit
interchangeable Edit
interrelated Edit
intolerable Edit
intolerant Edit
intricate Edit
intriguing Edit
ironic Edit
irrational Edit
irrelevant Edit
irresponsible Edit
lazy Edit
legible Edit
lenient Edit
liable Edit
lifeless Edit
lighter Edit
magnificent Edit
marvellous Edit
meaningless Edit
militant Edit
misleading Edit
moist Edit
monk Edit
motionless Edit
motivated Edit
noticeable Edit
obscure Edit
observant Edit
oily Edit
outrageous Edit
overdue Edit
painless Edit
parasite Edit
rueful Edit
preventative Edit
qualitative Edit
patriotic Edit
perceptible Edit
perceptive Edit
persistent Edit
persuasive Edit
inalienable Edit
stupefied Edit
recurrent Edit
pleasing Edit
pointless Edit
poisonous Edit
polite Edit
potent Edit
powerless Edit
precedent Edit
probable Edit
enterprising Edit
proficient Edit
prosperous Edit
tactile Edit
provocative Edit
qualified Edit
questionable Edit
illegible Edit
unyielding Edit
indisposed Edit
redundant Edit
invasive Edit
repellent Edit
radically Edit
repulsive Edit
resentful Edit
resourceful Edit
responsive Edit
intransigent Edit
revealing Edit
rigid Edit
unattractive Edit
rude Edit
ruler Edit
sarcastic Edit
satisfactory Edit
likable Edit
sceptical Edit
seductive Edit
unfeasible Edit
selfish Edit
senseless Edit
sensible Edit
shocking Edit
incalculable Edit
tepid Edit
sincere Edit
skilful Edit
slippery Edit
liquefied Edit
perfunctory Edit
sour Edit
seamless Edit
speechless Edit
splendid Edit
eventful Edit
sticky Edit
sizeable Edit
entrenched Edit
sympathetic Edit
unkempt Edit
unappealing Edit
intractable Edit
timidly Edit
tasteful Edit
thankful Edit
frumpy Edit
melodic Edit
tolerant Edit
traitor Edit
widescreen Edit
obscured Edit
unaware Edit
understandable Edit
undertaking Edit
uneasy Edit
unemployed Edit
unfit Edit
unfortunate Edit
unfriendly Edit
unlucky Edit
unnatural Edit
unpleasant Edit
unqualified Edit
unreasonable Edit
unsuitable Edit
unsure Edit
regretful Edit
useless Edit
vague Edit
versatile Edit
vivid Edit
warden Edit
unconventional Edit
tenderly Edit
purposeful Edit
tasteless Edit
worse Edit
negligent Edit
noisy Edit
abundant Edit
acute Edit
adverse Edit
affectionate Edit
affirmative Edit
almighty Edit
alternate Edit
amicable Edit
answerable Edit
approximate Edit
arid Edit
arrogant Edit
attentive Edit
bashful Edit
belligerent Edit
bland Edit
blunt Edit
blushing Edit
bottomless Edit
clumsy Edit
coarse Edit
considerate Edit
corresponding Edit
counterfeit Edit
countless Edit
crafty Edit
customary Edit
deceitful Edit
deliberate Edit
diligent Edit
discreet Edit
dizzy Edit
durable Edit
dusty Edit
farther Edit
feeble Edit
fluent Edit
forgetful Edit
fossil Edit
glossy Edit
graceful Edit
gracious Edit
greasy Edit
greedy Edit
grim Edit
hairy Edit
hateful Edit
honorable Edit
hospitable Edit
humane Edit
humble Edit
immense Edit
impulsive Edit
incurable Edit
indefinite Edit
infamous Edit
inland Edit
innate Edit
innumerable Edit
intentional Edit
irritable Edit
joyful Edit
lawless Edit
lively Edit
lovable Edit
malignant Edit
merry Edit
mighty Edit
obedient Edit
outdated Edit
outward Edit
untenable Edit
unmanageable Edit
unforgiving Edit
passionate Edit
pitiful Edit
playful Edit
predominant Edit
priceless Edit
primitive Edit
punctual Edit
rebellious Edit
reckless Edit
reddish Edit
relentless Edit
respectful Edit
restless Edit
rocky Edit
rusty Edit
ruthless Edit
offending Edit
sentimental Edit
shameful Edit
shameless Edit
shiny Edit
unambiguous Edit
rampant Edit
sly Edit
sociable Edit
unsustainable Edit
spotless Edit
stagnant Edit
strenuous Edit
stubborn Edit
submissive Edit
successive Edit
superstitious Edit
terrifying Edit
unsociable Edit
unaccustomed Edit
thirsty Edit
thoughtful Edit
thoughtless Edit
tramp Edit
turbulent Edit
passionately Edit
moldy Edit
unarmed Edit
uneven Edit
unfaithful Edit
ungrateful Edit
unhealthy Edit
unimportant Edit
unjust Edit
unlawful Edit
vain Edit
valiant Edit
vindictive Edit
watchful Edit
wholesome Edit
incriminating Edit
gravely Edit
mesmerized Edit
adhesive Edit
affluent Edit
irredeemable Edit
anesthetic Edit
archer Edit
inconsiderate Edit
binder Edit
bomber Edit
bossy Edit
marvelous Edit
choppy Edit
civilised Edit
crematory Edit
colourful Edit
fatalistic Edit
preventive Edit
diabetic Edit
eventual Edit
grumpy Edit
hanger Edit
hilly Edit
juicy Edit
marginal Edit
messy Edit
misty Edit
nauseous Edit
unsavory Edit
nourishing Edit
grimy Edit
receptionist Edit
salty Edit
inattentive Edit
guileless Edit
skeptical Edit
porous Edit
symmetric Edit
indecisive Edit
immeasurably Edit
tactful Edit
unwieldy Edit
incapacitated Edit
lessor Edit
fragility Edit
identifiable Edit
rationale Edit
movable Edit
putrid Edit
fiddler Edit
flawless Edit
gullible Edit
adamant Edit
admissible Edit
argumentative Edit
changeable Edit
civilized Edit
disrespectful Edit
drastic Edit
forceful Edit
conceited Edit
crooked Edit
excusable Edit
insincere Edit
lasting Edit
surgical Edit
timid Edit
horrendous Edit
outlandish Edit
humid Edit
agglutinative Edit
abstinent Edit
endogenous Edit
attributive Edit
bawling Edit
charismatic Edit
ceaseless Edit
cryptically Edit
condonable Edit
commutative Edit
climactic Edit
hyperactive Edit
rugged Edit
hardcover Edit
tiring Edit
measurable Edit
removable Edit
insufferable Edit
transitive Edit
indistinguishable Edit
egregiously Edit
impeccable Edit
hoarsely Edit
indigent Edit
homogenous Edit
quarrelsome Edit
unceremonious Edit
unwavering Edit
Look at these words in all languages: abstract, acceptable, accessible, accurate, admission, advanced, aggressive, agricultural, alike, ambitious, ancestor, anonymous, anxious, approach, architect, armed, articulate, artistic, attractive, aware, basically, bitter, blessing, bold, boring, brilliant, broad, brutal, capable, careful, carrier, casual, colorful, comparable, competitive, comprehensive, confident, conscious, consistent, constant, continuous, cooperative, costly, creative, critical, cruel, curious, dangerous, deadly, delicate, dense, distant, domestic, eager, eastern, efficient, elder, elegant, eligible, employer, endless, engineer, equivalent, excited, exciting, exclusive, exotic, extensive, extraordinary, fascinating, fatal, favorable, fierce, firm, flexible, formal, fragile, frequent, generous, gentle, gently, grateful, gray, grey, guilty, horrible, hurt, identical, ill, impressive, incredible, independent, influential, innocent, innovative, insight, intact, intelligence, intense, intimate, liberal, likely, lonely, loud, lower, loyal, massive, merchant, mild, minimum, missing, musical, mysterious, nasty, neat, none, odd, offensive, opposite, outer, painful, partial, peaceful, perfect, permanent, photograph, pink, pleasant, popular, positive, potential, powerful, practical, precious, producer, productive, progressive, prompt, prosecutor, protective, protector, proud, psychological, publisher, quiet, radical, rapid, rational, reasonable, reliable, reluctant, remote, ridiculous, risky, rough, secret, secure, senior, sensitive, shallow, shareholder, shy, slow, smooth, soft, solid, southern, spectacular, steep, stiff, strange, strict, subsequent, superior, suspicious, symbolic, technician, technique, tender, terrible, terrific, thick, tight, tough, uncomfortable, unexpected, unfair, unhappy, valuable, variable, violent, vital, vulnerable, wealthy, weird, wide, wise, worried, applicable, beige, cloudy, compact, enthusiastic, foggy, further, improper, interactive, jobless, mandatory, oval, tempting, passive, profitable, unreliable, stormy, unremarkable, terminal, tranquilizer, transparent, unclear, unstable, unsuccessful, grimly, witless, virulent, windy, worst, absurd, abusive, accessory, adjacent, admirable, advantageous, aerial, agreeable, allied, amusing, anaesthetic, annoying, apologetic, appalling, appealing, apprehensive, ashamed, autonomous, avoidable, awkward, bald, barefoot, bearable, believable, beneficial, betrayal, bilingual, bizarre, blonde, breathless, broke, candid, careless, cautious, censor, chaotic, charming, cleanliness, commendable, culpability, competent, complacent, confusing, contagious, convenient, corrupt, courageous, culprit, recumbent, deceptive, defective, degrading, delightful, demanding, dependable, detachable, determined, disappointing, disastrous, disgraceful, disgusting, dishonest, dissatisfied, doubtful, embarrassing, enjoyable, envious, exhausted, exhausting, explosive, exporter, fanatic, favourable, fearless, feasible, fertile, filthy, flap, fond, fortunate, fragrant, frank, frosty, gruesome, handy, harmless, hazardous, hazy, helpless, hollow, homesick, honourable, hopeful, hopeless, humorous, hurtful, imaginative, immaculate, immaterial, immature, immortal, impartial, impassable, impatient, impersonal, inaccessible, inaccurate, inactive, incapable, inclusive, incompatible, incompetent, incomprehensible, inconvenient, indecent, ineffective, inexpensive, informative, ingenious, insecure, insensitive, insistent, insulting, intensive, interchangeable, interrelated, intolerable, intolerant, intricate, intriguing, ironic, irrational, irrelevant, irresponsible, lazy, legible, lenient, liable, lifeless, lighter, magnificent, marvellous, meaningless, militant, misleading, moist, monk, motionless, motivated, noticeable, obscure, observant, oily, outrageous, overdue, painless, parasite, rueful, preventative, qualitative, patriotic, perceptible, perceptive, persistent, persuasive, inalienable, stupefied, recurrent, pleasing, pointless, poisonous, polite, potent, powerless, precedent, probable, enterprising, proficient, prosperous, tactile, provocative, qualified, questionable, illegible, unyielding, indisposed, redundant, invasive, repellent, radically, repulsive, resentful, resourceful, responsive, intransigent, revealing, rigid, unattractive, rude, ruler, sarcastic, satisfactory, likable, sceptical, seductive, unfeasible, selfish, senseless, sensible, shocking, incalculable, tepid, sincere, skilful, slippery, liquefied, perfunctory, sour, seamless, speechless, splendid, eventful, sticky, sizeable, entrenched, sympathetic, unkempt, unappealing, intractable, timidly, tasteful, thankful, frumpy, melodic, tolerant, traitor, widescreen, obscured, unaware, understandable, undertaking, uneasy, unemployed, unfit, unfortunate, unfriendly, unlucky, unnatural, unpleasant, unqualified, unreasonable, unsuitable, unsure, regretful, useless, vague, versatile, vivid, warden, unconventional, tenderly, purposeful, tasteless, worse, negligent, noisy, abundant, acute, adverse, affectionate, affirmative, almighty, alternate, amicable, answerable, approximate, arid, arrogant, attentive, bashful, belligerent, bland, blunt, blushing, bottomless, clumsy, coarse, considerate, corresponding, counterfeit, countless, crafty, customary, deceitful, deliberate, diligent, discreet, dizzy, durable, dusty, farther, feeble, fluent, forgetful, fossil, glossy, graceful, gracious, greasy, greedy, grim, hairy, hateful, honorable, hospitable, humane, humble, immense, impulsive, incurable, indefinite, infamous, inland, innate, innumerable, intentional, irritable, joyful, lawless, lively, lovable, malignant, merry, mighty, obedient, outdated, outward, untenable, unmanageable, unforgiving, passionate, pitiful, playful, predominant, priceless, primitive, punctual, rebellious, reckless, reddish, relentless, respectful, restless, rocky, rusty, ruthless, offending, sentimental, shameful, shameless, shiny, unambiguous, rampant, sly, sociable, unsustainable, spotless, stagnant, strenuous, stubborn, submissive, successive, superstitious, terrifying, unsociable, unaccustomed, thirsty, thoughtful, thoughtless, tramp, turbulent, passionately, moldy, unarmed, uneven, unfaithful, ungrateful, unhealthy, unimportant, unjust, unlawful, vain, valiant, vindictive, watchful, wholesome, incriminating, gravely, mesmerized, adhesive, affluent, irredeemable, anesthetic, archer, inconsiderate, binder, bomber, bossy, marvelous, choppy, civilised, crematory, colourful, fatalistic, preventive, diabetic, eventual, grumpy, hanger, hilly, juicy, marginal, messy, misty, nauseous, unsavory, nourishing, grimy, receptionist, salty, inattentive, guileless, skeptical, porous, symmetric, indecisive, immeasurably, tactful, unwieldy, incapacitated, lessor, fragility, identifiable, rationale, movable, putrid, fiddler, flawless, gullible, adamant, admissible, argumentative, changeable, civilized, disrespectful, drastic, forceful, conceited, crooked, excusable, insincere, lasting, surgical, timid, horrendous, outlandish, humid, agglutinative, abstinent, endogenous, attributive, bawling, charismatic, ceaseless, cryptically, condonable, commutative, climactic, hyperactive, rugged, hardcover, tiring, measurable, removable, insufferable, transitive, indistinguishable, egregiously, impeccable, hoarsely, indigent, homogenous, quarrelsome, unceremonious, unwavering
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