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What does ብስጭት mean in English? If you want to learn ብስጭት in English, you will find the translation here, along with other translations from Amharic to English. We hope this will help you in learning languages.
Here is ብስጭት meaning in English:
crispiness Edit
bust Edit
frizzy Edit
frustration Edit
discontent Edit
fret Edit
edgy Edit
frantic Edit
tumbrel Edit
piss Edit
furtive Edit
putrefy Edit
vexatious Edit
vexation Edit
grim Edit
fritter Edit
frustrated Edit
embitter Edit
irritable Edit
distaste Edit
crunchiness Edit
annoyance Edit
disappointment Edit
craze Edit
irritate Edit
frenzy Edit
frizz Edit
grunt Edit
infuriate Edit
chagrin Edit
frustrate Edit
irritation Edit
Look at these words in all languages: crispiness, bust, frizzy, frustration, discontent, fret, edgy, frantic, tumbrel, piss, furtive, putrefy, vexatious, vexation, grim, fritter, frustrated, embitter, irritable, distaste, crunchiness, annoyance, disappointment, craze, irritate, frenzy, frizz, grunt, infuriate, chagrin, frustrate, irritation