English Words and Expressions by Category: Communication. Page 7

How long have you worked here?
How long is it?
How long is the flight?
How long will it take?
How long will you be staying?
How many children do you have?
How many hours a week do you work?
How many languages do you speak?
How many miles is it to Chicago?
How many people are there in New York?
How many people do you have in your family?
How many?
How much do I owe you?
How much does it cost per day?
How much does it cost?
How much does this cost?
How much is it to go to California?
How much is it?
How much is that?
How much is the rental deposit?
How much is this?
How much money do you have?
How much money do you make?
How much would you like?
How much?
How old are you?
How tall are you?
How was the movie?
How was the trip?
How was your day?
How was your flight?
How well you look
How's business?
How's the weather?
How's work going?
Hurry up
I agree
I agree with you
I believe
I believe in you
I believe so
I believe you
I can
I can't get a dialing tone
I can't get a signal
I can't get through at the moment
I can't hear you
I can't hear you clearly
I can't hear you well
I can't help you there
I can't say
I care for you
I congratulate you
I disagree
I don't agree
I don't agree with you
I don't believe it
I don't care
I don't have a boyfriend
I don't have a girlfriend
I don't have time now
I don't know
I don't know anything about that
I don't know how to use it
I don't like him
I don't like it
I don't mind
I don't remember
I don't speak English very well
I don't speak very well
I don't think so
I don't trust you
I don't understand
I don't understand what you are saying
I don't understand you
I don't want
I don't want it
I don't want to bother you
I doubt it
I enjoy spending time with you
I feel fine
I feel good
I feel great
I feel guilty
I feel happy
I feel hungry
I feel marvelous
I feel powerful
I feel shy
I feel sleepy
I feel thirsty
I feel tired
I forget
I have a dream
I have a lot to do
I have a question I want to ask you
I haven't finished eating
I hope to see you again soon
I hope you have a speedy recovery
I like her