English Words and Expressions by Category: Common Phrases. Page 2

Can I get you anything to drink?
Can I have a glass of water please?
Can I have a menu?
Can I have a receipt please?
Can I have a room with a view?
Can I have the bill, please?
Can I have the check, please?
Can I have your number?
Can I help you?
Can I kiss you?
Can I make an appointment for next Wednesday?
Can I make an appointment?
Can I order this online?
Can I please have a non-alcoholic beverage?
Can I please have a receipt?
Can I see the menu?
Can I take a message?
Can I take your coat?
Can I take your number?
Can I try it on?
Can I use your bathroom?
Can I use your pen?
Can I use your phone to make a call?
Can I use your phone?
Can I walk you home?
Can we arrange a meeting?
Can we sit over there?
Can you call back later, please?
Can you call me back later?
Can you carry this for me?
Can you check the oil, please?
Can you check the tire pressure, please?
Can you give me an example?
Can you hear me OK?
Can you help me?
Can you hold this for me?
Can you please say that again?
Can you please take me to the airport?
Can you recommend a good restaurant?
Can you repeat that please?
Can you show me where it is on the map?
Can you show me?
Can you speak louder please?
Can you speak more slowly please?
Can you swim?
Can you tell me my account balance?
Can you translate this for me?
Check, please
Come here
Come on
Congratulations on getting married
Congratulations on your engagement
Could I ask who's calling?
Could I borrow your phone, please?
Could I have a wake-up call at seven o'clock?
Could I have your attention, please?
Could I please have an extra blanket?
Could I take your email address?
Could I take your name and number, please?
Could I take your phone number?
Could you ask him to call me?
Could you help me for a second?
Could you please prepare the dish without salt?
Could you please repeat that?
Could you repeat that?
Could you spare a moment?
Could you spell your name please?
Could you tell me more about it?
Could you wrap this up for me?
Couldn't be better
Did it rain yesterday?
Did it snow yesterday?
Did you come with your family?
Dinner's ready
Do you accept cash?
Do you accept credit cards?
Do you accept debit cards?
Do you accept U.S. dollars?
Do you allow pets?
Do you believe that?
Do you charge commission?
Do you come here often?
Do you fancy dinner sometime?
Do you fancy getting a bite to eat?
Do you fancy going out tonight?
Do you fancy going to see a film sometime?
Do you feel better?
Do you go to San Francisco often?
Do you have a boyfriend?
Do you have a girlfriend?
Do you have a pencil?
Do you have a problem?
Do you have a swimming pool?
Do you have an appointment?
Do you have another one?
Do you have any children?
Do you have any lunch specials?