English Words and Expressions by Category: Common Phrases. Page 18

Would you like to have dinner with me?
Would you like to join me for a coffee?
Would you like to join me for something to eat?
Would you like to join us?
Would you like to leave a message?
Would you like to listen to music?
Would you like to rent a movie?
Would you like to watch TV?
Would you take a message please?
You acted fairly
You acted well
You are a good specialist
You are a person of good taste
You are an intelligent person
You are beautiful
You are charming
You are easy-going
You are getting away from the subject
You are handsome
You are on speaker
You broke my heart
You can't have more than 100 ml of liquid in your carry-on luggage
You did right
You did the right thing
You did well
You do look so well
You don't look your age
You don't look your age at all
You don't love me
You got upgraded to first class
You have a charming wife
You have a critical mind
You have a very intelligent husband
You have a very nice car
You have made a good job of it
You have reached the wrong number
you know
You look as young as ever
You look lovely
You look lovely today
You look so well
You look so young
You look splendid
You look superb
You look well
You look wonderful
You look wonderful today
You look young
You look young for your age
You look youthful
You make me happy
You mean so much to me
You never change
You said the right thing
You speak English very well
You were fair
You'll be sorry
You'll just have to be patient
You're amazing
You're awesome
You're beautiful
You're being too kind
You're communicative
You're easy to deal with
You're easy to talk to
You're incredible
You're kidding
You're looking well
You're mine
You're my angel
You're my baby
You're my best friend
You're my darling
You're my everything
You're my friend
You're my goddess
You're my hero
You're my ideal man
You're my ideal woman
You're my king
You're my love
You're my lover
You're my other half
You're my princess
You're my sunshine
You're my sweetie
You're perfect
You're right
You're so awesome
You're sociable
You're too kind
You're very beautiful
You're very nice
You're very smart
You're welcome
You're wonderful
You're wonderfully kind