English Words and Expressions by Category: Common Phrases. Page 1

A year ago
About 5 kilometers
About 5 miles
Absolutely not
After you
All right
All the best
Allow me to introduce
Allow me to present
Am I pronouncing it correctly?
Anything else?
Are there any laundry facilities?
Are you a student?
Are you afraid of them?
Are you afraid?
Are you all right?
Are you allergic to anything?
Are you American?
Are you angry with me?
Are you awake?
Are you aware of that?
Are you busy?
Are you calling from a landline?
Are you comfortable?
Are you coming this evening?
Are you doing anything this evening?
Are you employed?
Are you fine?
Are you free now?
Are you free this evening?
Are you free tomorrow?
Are you free tonight?
Are you going to help me?
Are you going to take a plane or train?
Are you here alone?
Are you hungry?
Are you interested in that?
Are you kidding me?
Are you married?
Are you not well?
Are you OK?
Are you okay?
Are you on Facebook?
Are you on Skype?
Are you on your own?
Are you pregnant?
Are you ready to eat now?
Are you ready?
Are you satisfied now?
Are you serious?
Are you sick?
Are you sure?
Are you thirsty?
Are you tired?
Are you unwell?
Are you up to anything this evening?
Are you waiting for someone?
Are you working now?
Are you working today?
Are you working tomorrow?
Are your children with you?
As soon as possible
At 7 o'clock in the morning
At the end of the street turn right
At the next traffic light, turn left
At what time did it happen?
At what time?
Attached you will find my resume
away from home
Be careful
Be careful driving
Be careful in this freezing rain
Be quiet
Be seeing you
Believe me
Best of luck
Best regards
Best wishes
Bless you
Bon appetit
Bon voyage
Bring me my shirt, please
Call me back
Can I ask a favor?
Can I ask you a question?
Can I ask you something?