English Words and Expressions by Category: Common Phrases. Page 7

I see
I speak a little English
I speak two languages
I still have a lot of things to buy
I still haven't decided
I study at Boston University
I study here
I think I need to see a doctor
I think it tastes good
I think it's very good
I think of you as more than a friend
I think so
I think that's a fantastic idea
I think you have too many clothes
I trust you
I understand
I understand now
I usually drink orange juice at breakfast
I want to ask you a question
I want to give you a gift
I want to live abroad
I want you
I wish I had one
I wish it were as you say
I wish you all the best
I work for myself
I work from home
I work here
I would like a double room
I would like a refill, please
I would like a single room
I would like an aisle seat
I would like an appointment with the doctor
I would like to book a conference room
I would like to buy a hamburger
I would like to cancel our reservation
I would like to check in
I would like to check out
I would like to exchange some money
I would like to expand on this issue
I would like to expand on this issue point
I would like to expand on this problem
I would like to have my order to go
I would like to order a pizza
I would like to reserve a table for two
I would like to return this
I would like to see the show tonight
I would like to withdraw money
I'd like a map of the city
I'd like a non-smoking room
I'd like a room
I'd like a room with two beds
I'd like a table near the window
I'd like some water, please
I'd like to buy a bottle of water, please
I'd like to buy a phone card
I'd like to buy something
I'd like to call the United States
I'd like to eat at a restaurant
I'd like to go for a walk
I'd like to go home
I'd like to go shopping
I'd like to go to the supermarket
I'd like to have my car washed
I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Smith
I'd like to make a phone call
I'd like to make a reservation
I'd like to rent a car
I'd like to send a fax
I'd like to send an email
I'd like to send this to Russia
I'd like to speak to Mr. Smith, please
I'd love to
I'd recommend it
I'll be back in 10 minutes
I'll be right back
I'll be right with you
I'll be there in five minutes
I'll be there in ten minutes
I'll call back later
I'll call you
I'll call you later
I'll call you next week
I'll call you on Friday
I'll call you tomorrow
I'll call you when I leave
I'll come back later
I'll give you a call
I'll have a cup of coffee please
I'll have a cup of tea please
I'll have a glass of water please
I'll have the same thing
I'll meet you there
I'll pay
I'll pay for dinner
I'll pay for lunch
I'll pay for the dinner
I'll pay for the tickets
I'll see you at ten o'clock at the cinema
I'll see you at ten o'clock in the pub