English Words and Expressions by Category: Common Phrases. Page 4

Give me a second
Give me a sign
Give me the pen
Glad to hear it
Glad to meet you
Glad to see you
Go away
Go straight ahead
God bless
God bless you
Good afternoon
Good day
Good evening
Good luck
Good morning
Good night
Good to see you
Hang on a minute
Hang on a second
Happy Anniversary
Happy birthday
Happy Christmas
Happy Diwali
Happy Easter
Happy Hanukkah
Happy holidays
Happy New Year
Happy Passover
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy to see you
Happy Valentine's Day
Have a good time
Have a good trip
Have a good weekend
Have a great vacation
have a look
Have a nice day
have a rest
Have a safe journey home
Have a safe trip
Have a seat
Have a wonderful Christmas Eve
Have you arrived?
Have you been here before?
Have you been here long?
Have you been to Boston?
Have you been waiting long?
Have you done this before?
Have you eaten at that restaurant?
Have you eaten yet?
Have you ever had tomato soup?
Have you finished studying?
Have you got a minute?
Have you got a pen I could borrow?
Have you got any favorite bands?
Have you got any plans for this evening?
Have you got any plans for tomorrow?
Have you seen this before?
Have you seen this movie?
He's in the kitchen
He's not in right now
He's right
He's very annoying
He's very famous
He's very good
He's very hard working
Help me
Help yourself
Here is my cell phone number
Here is my email address
Here is your boarding pass
Here it is
Here you are
Here's my number
hold on for a minute
Hold the line, please
hope so
Hope to see you again
How about Saturday?
How are you?
How do I get there?
How do I get to High Street?
How do I get to the American Embassy?
How do you know each other?
How do you know?
How do you pronounce that?
How do you say it in English?
How do you spell that?
How do you spell the word Chicago?
How do you take it?